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Agency Partnership

A Model of Success

Over the next three to five years, Afore's team expects to invest up to $200 million to partner with key companies that are seeking the managerial insight and capital necessary to achieve new levels of growth and profitability.


Afore is focused on partnering with insurance agencies that provide commercial, property and casualty lines, group benefits, personal lines, other ancillary business and specialty lines.

By offering deal expertise, operational insights and capital investment, Afore drives greater profit potential for our partners at a faster rate than other financing alternatives. Our goal is to increase the value of holdings for shareholders, including for those partners that retain equity after acquisition. 

Afore Insurance Services is targeting best in class operators that will expand Afore’s geographical presence while growing its roster of executive talent and regional operators. 

Deal Expertise
Agency Partnership 01

Afore Insurance Services operational team modernizes existing systems for best practices operations and management.

Operational Insight
Agency Partnership 02

Afore and its backers will provide the capital, strategic planning and managerial insight needed to achieve new levels of growth and profitability that weren’t possible before, at faster rates than other financing alternatives can support. 

Capital Investment
Agency Partnership 03

Through Organic Growth, Improved Technology and Retention our agency partner value increases

Increase Value
Agency Partnership 04

Through strategic partnerships, Afore provides integrated products and/or services across multiple geographies, critical mass has been achieved.

Drive Profit Potential
Agency Partnership 05

 Afore’s approach aligns all interests and allows for all share holders to meaningfully participate in the success and growth.

Retain Equity
Agency Partnership 06

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