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Our Story

Afore Insurance Services was formed in 2022. We are a boutique, independent retail insurance agency offering personal lines and commercial lines insurance throughout the Southeast, Southwest, New England and California.

Our mission is to provide an industry leading growth opportunity and an entrepreneurial, driven, focused and non-disruptive environment to our current and future Agency Partners. We foster collaboration of talent and specialization across Afore Insurance Services’s national footprint, ensuring a unique experience for our colleagues, our clients and our insurance carrier partners.

Afore’s acquisition model is founded on the preservation of the independence and local identity of our Agency Partners. We are proud that our agency partners maintain their independence and identity while being part of the Afore family.

Through improved technologies, web presence and business systems that could be replicated, Afore Insurance Services has organically branched out through the country and create a network of local experts at our agencies. Our agencies are able to provide, personal service on a local level but with the backing of a national organization with far-reaching industry expertise available to every client.  We strive to continue our search for agency partners across new and familiar markets. 

Afore Insurance Services is currently targeting best in class insurance agencies that will grow Afore's geographical presence while enhancing its roster of executive talent and regional operators.

Meet Our Team 
Afore Insurance Services executive team is made up of a diverse group of business and industry leaders
Afore Core Values

At Afore, we are guided by a set of core values that underpin our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. These values shape our approach, drive our decisions, and inspire us to constantly strive for improvement.


1. Exceptional User Experience and Innovative Solutions: Our foremost priority is to provide our clients with the finest user experience possible. We blend innovation and comprehensive solutions to deliver insurance solutions that stand out in quality and effectiveness.


2. Exceeding Expectations with Superior Service: We are dedicated to delivering a level of service that goes beyond our client’s expectations. Our commitment to communication surpasses industry standards, embodying integrity, ethics, and transparency.


3. Cultivating Responsibility and Accountability: We foster a culture of assumed responsibility and accountability. Each member of our team takes ownership of their role and actions, contributing to the collective success of our endeavors.


4. Industry-Leading Growth and Unwavering Quality: We are driven to achieve industry-leading revenue growth and profitability. Yet, we remain resolute in upholding the highest quality of service to our esteemed clientele. Balancing growth with excellence is at the heart of what we do.


At Afore, these core values serve as our compass, guiding us towards delivering remarkable outcomes for our clients and contributing to the sustained success of our organization.

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